What Should You Know About the Hidden Face of the Cosmetics Industry?<span class="magyar"></span>

What Should You Know About the Hidden Face of the Cosmetics Industry?

What Should You Know About the Hidden Face of the Cosmetics Industry?


Hungarian edition.

For all intents and purposes, we have no idea of the real health hazard that the regular, lifelong use of shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, lotions, shaving creams, baby care products, toothpastes, etc. represent as a result of their chemical compositions, which have never been examined.

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Our physical health is not only dependent upon proper nutrition, adequate amounts of fluid intake, and physical exercise, it is also important not to expose ourselves to dangerous toxins, many of which can be found in our cosmetics.

If you have thought of yourself as an exception, think again and have a look at the ingredients of the soap, shower gel, deodorant, body lotion, and cosmetic cream you are using in your everyday life. At first glance, you probably won’t understand the Latin names of the ingredients.

Therefore, the most sensible thing to do is to read Dr Gabor Lenkei’s book. The doctor has spent a significant amount of time studying cosmetic products and he is now making public the blatant lies that the cosmetic industry feeds us so shamelessly. The slick jars and boxes are just enticingly scented traps presented with excellent marketing ploys.

Under the surface, the cheerless reality is that we are burdening our bodies with useless substances and hazardous chemicals.

We recommend this book to everyone. It goes without saying, the solution to the problem is also revealed in the book!