What Should You Know About Collagen?<span class="magyar"></span>

What Should You Know About Collagen?

What Should You Know About Collagen?


Hungarian edition.

The water content of our body, or its “hydration,” to use a fashionable word, depends mainly on the amount and quality of collagen in our system. This wonderful protein binds or “enchains” water. The greater amount and the better the collagen, the more water it can bind. A well hydrated body will remain flexible and youthful.

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In order to take your health and, proportionately, your life into your own hands, there are certain things you need to know.

It is no coincidence that we have been kept ignorant of even the basic information regarding how to become and remain truly healthy. It is worth your while to catch up on this!

Our body is constantly undergoing a very dynamic transformation. It is a live system with specific properties, which needs adequate care.

Mistreat it and you might grow old at twice the rate that your genetic makeup would have determined under normal circumstances.

Since there is a large amount of collagen present in the human body, this very special and important protein deserves our study.

This book contains a truthful briefing about collagen, written in language anyone can understand.