Mobile website available – a faster connection!

Dear Customer,

Parallel to the speed with which technology evolves and accelerates the world, we want to obtain information faster and more easily.
Surveys show that 45% of people who visit Dr Lenkei’s Health Culture Website do so from a mobile device.

Therefore, our website is responsive, as it should be in this day and age.
“Responsive” in the internet world means “device-independent.”
This means that you can have the same user experience on a mobile phone, as you would on a laptop or desktop computer.

For even quicker access, we will show you how to display the Dr. Lenkei Health Culture Web Store icon on your mobile device screen, so you can connect and speed up your shopping or browsing with a single click.

If you use the Web Store’s Wish List (in other words, you add your favorite products to the list), you can buy the products in a just few minutes on your mobile phone.
You can do your shopping in minutes!

Guide to iPhone mobile device

Guide to Android mobile device

We hope to have been of service to you!

We wish you good luck.