Dr. Gábor Lenkei

Dr. Gábor Lenkei

My name is Dr. Gábor Lenkei. I was born in 1961. I graduated summa cum laude from medical school in 1986. For six years I worked within the institutional framework of Debrecen Medical School and gained experience as a researcher, clinical physician, internist, gynecologist and obstetrician. I found the boundaries of traditional medicine too rigid, too confined. My enthusiasm, my ambition to do something, my unquenchable desire to find new, better ways stretched beyond these limits. I started to walk my own way.

It was a good decision. Had I stayed within the official medical framework I might never have discovered the information that became the bedrock of my activity today.

I realized that, since the early 1900s, a certain interest group had seized control of medical education, and that this group was not interested in people living their lives sound in wind and limb.

I also came to realize that this very active group feeds on people’s ignorance, vulnerability, and their inability to maintain a high level of health.

At this point I found myself face to face with Big Pharma, the drug mafia.

This is when I finally understood something that had been blindingly obvious the entire time. Or, rather would have been obvious, had the blatant truth occurred to me at all: the drug mafia does not want healthy people!

It became clear to me why so many scientific discoveries ended up buried at the bottom of dusty drawers, instead of becoming part of human culture. They were concealed by design.

As I continued scrutinizing the situation, it became quite clear that we already have all the knowledge, science, and tools to free humanity from the trials and tribulations of the diseases that plague them, and to reach an ideal state where anyone could preserve and maintain such a high level of health that they would never suffer from illness again. All the knowledge, science, and tools already exist to make this possible.

But the drug mafia does not want healthy people!

This is how the knowledge and the tools that would enable us to preserve and maintain our health at high levels became censored and prohibited.

The pieces fell into place for me. In 2003 I wrote my first book entitled “Censored Health”. My choice of a sub-title, “On the Conveyor Belt of the Disease Industry” was no accident.
While digging up censored and buried knowledge, I came across a multitude of scientific discoveries about the astonishing effectiveness of vitamins.

I decided to start with vitamins and make these tools widely known.

I made vitamins my first focus because I realized they could improve the quality of life substantially in a short amount of time if used wisely. That was the main reason. Another reason was that I thought it would be a subject relatively easy to communicate and make available to a wide range of people.

This is what vitamins mean to me:

  • a subject that is easy to understand
  • an opportunity broadly available to all
  • tools that can produce fast, remarkable improvements in humans, who can then be further guided on the road to full control of their own state of health

It proved to be the right decision. It turns out that vitamins do have mighty health-improving properties, when correctly utilized. Even people who had seemed healthy before starting to take vitamins saw a definite improvement in the quality of their life, which was quite surprising. The prognosis of great scientists from the last century proved to be true: with vitamins it was possible to raise the quality of human life even higher than hoped for.

The grateful public flooded me with tens of thousands of thank you notes. I proudly published these amazing, real-life testaments as broadly as possible.

This, however, roused the ire of the drug mafia.

For this interest group, as we know, does not want us to be healthy.
There were too many people involved and too many brilliant results. The outstanding role of vitamins in preserving health became increasingly common knowledge.
At this point I became dangerous to them.

An incredibly aggressive, long series of attacks were launched, including:

  • A slander campaign in the media against me to the benefit of the drug mafia. Those who earned most of their income from drug ads were all too ready and willing to try and discredit me.
  • A series of police raids in stores offering my products.
  • Blocking and banning my products for fabricated reasons.
  • Imposing one of the largest fines in history to punish me for having published reports about my positive results.
  • And much more! (For further details see my book Hazardous to Health)

I brought lawsuits against government agencies on account of their unrestrained and illegitimate proceedings. The war lasted for six years. Finally, in the summer of 2014 I won the last of the lawsuits. Since then (and hopefully forevermore) there has been peace so I have been able to devote my attention and energy to constructive work and improvement. I never planned on becoming a freedom fighter. I just wanted to help people live a better, happier, more rewarding, and dignified life of superior quality.

Before the attacks, in a TV interview, I was asked if I wasn’t worried about potentially starting some sort of a conspiracy theory because of my use of the term “Big Pharma.” I replied that I was not in that line of business (more on my personal page). The attacks against me, which I have successfully overcome, speak volumes about the situation; there’s no need for theories.

I learnt at my own expense how things really stood in practice, regardless of any theory. Inadvertently I became a freedom fighter. I have come to accept this. I do not feel that it was forced upon me, nor do I feel encumbered by it. It was not my intention, but I am fine with it, all the same.

I have already taken a stand against abuses in many fields:

  • I have fought against the deceitful conning of the public when a sham hysteria campaign was instigated concerning the H1N1 influenza epidemic (more on my personal page).
  • For many years now, my allies and I have been active in stalling the enactment of a despicable statute seeking to limit the free consumption of vitamins within the European Union under the cover of an ostensibly “scientific” study. We have been successful thus far and will continue the fight. They meant to enact the statute already in 2007. Now, as I am writing these words, we are in the last days of 2015 and there is still no anti-vitamin statute in the EU.
  • My brother, Dr. György Lenkei, also a doctor, and I wrote an article in which we clearly demonstrated that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), assigned to prepare the EU’s anti-vitamin legislation, used unscientific and misleading methods. Our study has been shared with numerous members of the European Parliament (more on my personal page).
  • The discoveries of an investigation have been made available to everyone that show, unequivocally, that the key figures of the above mentioned EFSA, responsible for the preparation of the anti-vitamin statute, have become financially interested in promoting the interests of multinational corporations, instead of representing the safety of the millions entrusted to their care (more on my personal page).
  • Equally, much has been done to halt the immoral production and dishonest marketing of psychiatric psychoactive substances, such as mood enhancers, anxiety suppressants, antidepressants, tranquilizers, and others, which represent not only an astronomical profit, but also a serious health hazard rather than real help. There are very encouraging results in this area, too (more on my personal page).
  • I have also done much more in defense of our fundamental human rights.

While I am forced to wrestle for the long-term survival of our fundamental human right to health, I am making every effort to provide as many of my fellow humans as possible with the knowledge that enables them to pursue a better life. I am doing my best to educate as many people as I possibly can in the smart and skillful use of the tools that can help them to achieve a superior quality of life.

I consider myself lucky.

I live a beautiful, eventful, challenging, and exciting life.

I am delighted each time I hear feedback about having made someone’s life richer in knowledge, freer, and more joyful.

If you’ve stayed with me up to this point, then it was worth my while to publish these thoughts.

Take the following important piece of information with you as a send-off:
There exists a higher quality of life, achievable for everyone, including you.

Thank you for having honored me with your attention.

With friendship

Dr. Gábor Lenkei