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Dr. Gábor Lenkei would like to know what kind of positive experiences you have gained from using the products. Here you can write down and send him your positive successes.

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Dr. Gábor Lenkei graduated from Debrecen Medical School in 1986 and, at first, was a committed believer in “medicine by medication”. Later he came to understand that medical professionals, himself included, had been deceived and were victims of a scam.

Dr. Lenkei is credited with pioneering the culture of taking vitamins in Hungary. Since the first publishing of his book Censured Health, he has been a staunch promoter of vitamins as vital substances.

He has helped tens of thousands of people, both in person and through his writings. The army of vitamin enthusiasts grew larger and larger, but not to everyone’s delight…

In 2008, the Hungarian authorities attacked him, trying to ruin his business, and launched a libelous campaign against his person. Other people would probably have cracked under the monstrous strain of injustice, but not Dr. Lenkei.

He filed lawsuits against the authorities and finally, in the summer of 2014, won all of the litigations peremptorily.

This book is a faithful narrative of these times and the unfounded, untruthful, and unlawful attacks that happened.