A fresh look at allergies<span class="magyar"></span>

A fresh look at allergies

A fresh look at allergies


Hungarian edition.

What can you do against allergies?

In addition to using the tools offered by official medicine, you can use the healing power of nature.
You will find my thoughts on the subject and my answers in this little book.
A 36-page publication written in an easy-to-understand manner, to the point, which can be read comfortably in 1-2 hours.
I wish that you also achieve a very nice result in calming your allergies.

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How can allergy treatment be more effective?

Hippocrates already taught almost two and a half thousand years ago that the VIS MEDICATRIX NATUREA, which means THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE, is perhaps the greatest ally of the doctor and the person who wants to be cured. I follow his instructions.

A lady who got to know and used my suggestions wrote to me about her experience like this:

„I was very happy to be able to do something for my health that has always been close to me. Not to cure my asthma and allergy with medicines! I stubbornly believed that there was indeed a solution. I did not accept that “I have to live with this”!

My spring allergy symptoms have reduced to 1-2 sneezes in the morning, my itchy eyes have stopped. I took seven types of medicine, now I don’t take any medicine! It worked for me, I recommend it to others.”

You need to learn what you can do beyond the methods used by official medicine.
I can help you with that. That’s what this book is about.