A fresh look at diabetes

A fresh look at diabetes


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What can you do against diabetes?

I would like to help you.
I was convinced that the treatment of diabetes could be much more effective.
I was convinced that we could significantly ease the burden of people with diabetes.
So I searched for answers to many, many questions.
A 40-page publication written in an easy-to-understand manner, to the point, which can be read comfortably in 1-2 hours. I wish that you too achieve a very nice result in the treatment of your diabetes.

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How can the treatment of diabetes be more effective?

  • How can the symptoms of diabetes be reduced?
  • Can already developed diabetes complications be alleviated?
  • How can the treatment of diabetes be made more effective?
  • Can an incipient diabetes be reversed and can the previous healthy state be regained?

You need to learn what you can do beyond the methods used by official medicine.
I can help you with that. That’s what this book is about.