On the Vitality Multivitamins

On the Vitality Multivitamins
2017-02-08 AD Design Solutions

They are wonderful preparations!

My Vitality Multivitamins are perfectly formulated to achieve maximum results!
Dr. Lenkei carefully researched and developed the precise balance and harmonized dosage of daily vitamins.

“I was the first in the world to advocate taking this comprehensive combination of vitamins and minerals in powerful doses. This method has produced excellent results that had never before been dreamt of. In order to promote this new ‘vitamin culture’ I am offering valuable, liberating knowledge alongside my unique Vitality products.”

The most important features of the classic Vitality Multivitamins are:

  1. They contain all 15 vitamins that are essential to the preservation and improvement of your health
  2. They contain all 10 equally essential minerals
  3. They contain trace minerals
  4. They are formulated in the precise, required amount
  5. Each vitamin and mineral dosage is measured in correct proportion to one another, thus earning the name “balanced formula”

They are available in four strengths:

  • Basic
  • Medium
  • Strong
  • Super strong

Select the right dose of Vitality Multivitamin that best suits your individual features, way of life, and workload.

Always apply the most important rule:

„If you correctly use vitamins, you MUST experience a distinct, clear improvement in your quality of life.”

Do not resign yourself to failure if at first you don’t experience the expected results.
Follow my directions:

  1. Take the multivitamin in the strength that suits your body and lifestyle
  2. Take it every day
  3. Take the full dose
  4. If that formula fails to bring about the expected, desired effect, switch to a stronger dose
  5. Do not take a break
  6. Take the Vitality Multivitamins routinely
  7. It is best to complement the Vitality Multivitamins with further vitamin C and the Cal-Mag drink, as indicated in the ideal formula
  8. And last, but not least, read my book in order to arm yourself with adequate knowledge on the subject

If you follow these instructions, you will feel a distinct improvement in the quality of your life.

Basic dosage

Medium dosage

Strong dosage

Super strong dosage