The Big Answer

The Big Answer
2017-02-09 AD Design Solutions

Why is it, that even after testing it, some people still do NOT continuously take adequate amounts of vitamins? Why?

This was my burning question. I could not help people reach a higher quality of life unless I knew the answer to this question.

At first I thought that they may have insufficient knowledge to understand the importance of the continuous use of vitamins. Then I had an epiphany. No! This was not the real reason.


The real reason is:

If people have tried vitamins, yet fail to take them routinely it is because they feel no significant difference between the periods when they are taking them and when they are not taking them.

Further, if they feel no significant difference, it surely means that they have not adequately used the vitamins. We are sure of it because, according to the most important, proven rule, they should feel a distinct difference.

Therefore, we can be sure that they have not adequately used the vitamins.
That is the only reason why they would not feel a clear difference while taking the vitamins.

If they did feel a difference, they would certainly not take a lesser dose or stop taking them altogether. They would not stop taking vitamins if they experienced their benefits. They would not act against their own best interest. They would not deprive themselves of a higher quality of life once they had experienced it.


Listen to me, please!
Apply the most important rule:

„If you correctly use vitamins, you MUST experience a distinct, clear improvement in your quality of life.”

Do not resign yourself to failure if at first you don’t experience the expected results.
Follow my directions:

  1. Take the multivitamin in the strength that suits your body and lifestyle
  2. Take it every day
  3. Take the full dose
  4. If that formula fails to bring about the expected, desired effect, switch to a stronger dose
  5. Do not take a break
  6. Take the Vitality Multivitamins routinely
  7. It is best to complement the Vitality Multivitamins with further vitamin C and the Cal-Mag drink, as indicated in the ideal formula
  8. And last, but not least, read my book in order to arm yourself with adequate knowledge on the subject

If you follow these instructions, you will feel a distinct improvement in the quality of your life.