Why doesn’t everyone experience it?

Why doesn’t everyone experience it?
2017-02-08 AD Design Solutions

I have already explained the most important rule:

„If you correctly use vitamins, you MUST experience a distinct, clear improvement in your quality of life.”

If it’s this simple, why doesn’t everyone experience this?
I found myself intrigued by this question. I conducted research, looking for reasons why, and came to the following conclusions:

One of the main reasons is lack of knowledge.

The person did not read my book, Censored Health, therefore

  • he was ignorant of the dire conditions in which we are trying to stay healthy
  • he has no idea how vulnerable we all are without vitamins
  • he thinks there is nothing wrong with his health, so there is nothing to improve
  • he has no concept of the higher quality existence he could be living
  • because he has no concept of it, he has no idea that he could do something about it

This is logical. If people have no notion how much better their lives could be, they can neither envision it, nor endeavor to achieve it. They cannot start on the path towards a better life.

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    Censored Health


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    11,84  9,47