Vitamin E 400 IU <span class="tipus">softgel</span>

Vitamin E 400 IU softgel

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Product information

A versatile vitamin E.

The first thing realized in vitamin E tests on animals, was the role it plays in successful sexual functioning. It was consequently named the “fertility vitamin.”
As to its chemical nature, it is an antioxidant. Even the food industry uses it to keep products nice and fresh. It is by no means a coincidence that it is missing from high quality cosmetics.

Vitamin E has a role in the protection of cells against oxidative stress.

In the middle of the last century an exciting book was published by Herbert Bailey, Key to a Healthy Heart: The Hidden History of Vitamin E, which details the vitamin’s benefits.
It is a very versatile vitamin.

The vitamin E content (400 IU, i.e. International Unit) in a single soft gel of our high-quality formula equals eating as much as 1.5 kg of nuts.

E vitamin lágy kapszula


Ingredients in 1 softgel capsule:


Vitamin E 400 IU (270 α-TE mg)


DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate; gelling agent: gelatin; humectant: glycerin; purified water. (NRV = Nutritional reference value)
Dietary supplements do not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.

Keep the pack protected from damp, moisture, sunshine, well-sealed, in a cool place, out of the reach of small children!