Lavender Cleansing Milk

Lavender Cleansing Milk


Free from hazardous substances, a safe, natural cleansing milk.

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Product information

100 ml

Plant-based ingredients:

Lavender oil (linalool, limonene), corn seed oil, soy bean oil*, calendula flower extract*, linseed extract*, clary sage oil (linalool, limonene), aloe leaf juice*, vanilla extract*

*= controlled bio (organic) ingredients

Other ingredients:

Vitamin E, allantoin


An effective cleansing milk and makeup remover, which supports the balance of the “hydrolipid layer” of the skin.
This gentle cleanser is recommended for normal and combination skin, as well as for dry and sensitive skin.


Pump 1-2 cm³ of cleansing milk onto a moistened cotton pad, wipe the skin, and then rinse with water.

With complimentary BIO ingredients
For normal / combination skin
For dry / sensitive skin

We also recommend

The kit contains 2 cleansing sponges for use in removing cleansing milk, residual facial mask or exfoliator.

It removes cleansing milk and any residual facial mask particularly well and is easy to use. The sponges are reusable after thorough rinsing.

They are convenient and have a pleasant feel; not too rough, but not too soft. They wring well, dry fast, and last long.