C-1000 Cal-Mag Strawberry

C-1000 Cal-Mag Strawberry

C-1000 Cal-Mag Strawberry


The name comes from the words calcium and magnesium. Cal-Mag is a formula containing both of these ingredients.



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C-1000 Kal-Mag

  • It contains calcium and magnesium in the ideal 2:1 ratio
  • It provides the essential, slightly acidic medium for optimum calcium utilization
  • It’s sugar-free. Sweetened the most modern way, with Erythritol and Stevia
  • It’s delicious
  • Available in various flavors


• 1000 mg Vitamin C/dose
• 500 mg Calcium/dose
• 250 mg Magnesium/dose


The term Cal-Mag is actually an abbreviation.

It derives from the words “calcium” and “magnesium”. Cal-Mag is a formula that contains both ingredients.

Unfortunately, the laws in force do not allow me to tell you everything there is to know about Cal-Mag on a web site or in a product brochure. It is ridiculous what one is officially permitted to say. I cannot write freely about the results achieved by the correct use of Calcium and Magnesium either.

What I can write here is the following:

  • Our body contains a large quantity (over 1 kg) of calcium and magnesium
  • It is important to note that Calcium and Magnesium produce the best and most desirable effects when co-administered in the correct ratio
  • The ideal Cal-Mag formula, best utilized by the body, is a water-soluble, powdered beverage

All of the many more good things I could impart to you may not be published on this site. Fortunately though, you can find all the important information in my booklet What is Worth Knowing about Calcium and Magnesium.

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    What Should You Know About Calcium and Magnesium?

    Hungarian edition.

    Our usual diet provides much less calcium and magnesium than is necessary for our body to function well. This unhappy fact is also confirmed by the National Pharmacy and Food Health Institute: “The Hungarian adult population’s daily calcium intake is below the recommended level.”

Erythritol and Stevia

Common features:

Both contain 0 calories and therefore do not cause weight gain. They do not raise blood sugar. Either can be used by dieters, individuals on medication, and insulin-treated diabetics. Neither does any damage to your teeth.


This is a natural sweetener, also found in various fruits.

It is produced in large quantities from beet or cane sugar.

It tastes like sugar, but slightly less sweet. It also looks very similar to sugar. It comes in the form of a white, crystalline powder.


Stevia (pronounce: steh-veeya) is actually the name of a plant, but is also used for the sweet substance extracted from it.

The stevia extract is very sweet, approx. 200-300 times sweeter than sugar.

It might well be the oldest sweetener on Earth. South-American Indians have been using it for centuries. They crush the leaves and mix them into their food and drink.


Let your own personal experience be your guide.

There is no rigid, mandatory dosing guide. It would not make sense. Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C are all nutrients. There is no need to worry about consuming too much.
The only mistake you can make is not to consume enough of them.

Even consuming only one portion a day is already beneficial to your body.

Suggested use:

  • Pour one measuring spoon of beverage powder into 2 dl of clean water
  • Start stirring immediately and continue stirring until the ingredients are completely dissolved
  • The result is an opaque (cloudy) drink with a flavor-dependant color. Opacity is natural; it is designed to be this way (*Note)

*Due to the nature of the minerals, a small amount of insoluble sediment might remain at the bottom of the glass. This is normal; it is not an issue of quality.


Ice cream


Make healthy, delicious, and even sugar-free ice cream simply!
Mix natural yoghurt with lemon, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, mango orange or grape flavoured C-1000 Kal-Mag. Pour it into the form of an ice cream maker, place it in the freezer and you will soon be able to eat delicious ice cream.

Children also tasted it and won their liking.

Limo powder


Limo powder is a retro Hungarian drink powder.
I tried the C-1000 Kal-Mag, if I don't mix it in water, I spoon the powder itself, or as I did when I was a kid with the limo, I eat it out of my hand. Try it yourself. You will have a retro limo experience.

Fun for kids plus healthy game.

Fruit yoghurt


Make delicious and sugar-free fruit yogurt.
Mix a glass of natural yogurt with 1 measuring spoon of lemon, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, mango orange or grape-flavoured C-1000 Kal-Mag. It is great for brunch, snack or simply as sweets!

Most children love it.

Cottage cheese with lemon


Mix 25 dkg of cottage cheese to your taste 1 or 2 measuring spoons of lemon C-1000 Kal-Mag. It will taste like cottage cheese for pancakes.
I like it alone and also stuffed in pancakes.


I would like to share with you the recipe for the flour and sugar - free pancakes that I like very much.

  • 12 dkg chestnut flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon erythrite
  • half a glass of sparkling water
  • half a glass of coconut milk
  • a pinch of salt
  • oil




Ingredients in 1 dose = 14 g of beverage powder


Vitamin C 1000 mg


Calcium 500 mg


Magnesium 250 mg


Manufactured in a facility processing nuts, peanuts, milk, soy, cereals, eggs, celery, mustard, sulphite, fish and crustaceans.

Ingredients (names): sweetener (erythritol), calcium (calcium lactate), vitamin C (L ascorbic acid), magnesium (magnesium citric acid, magnesium lactate), dietary acid (citric acid), aroma (strawberry flavour), anti-caking agent (calcium phosphates), sweetener (steviol glycosides: Rebaudioside A), coloring (beet red).

Dietary supplements do not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Excessive consumption might have a laxative effect.

Net weight: 30 x 14 g =420 g

The ideal formula.

My purpose is to help you experience the uplifting feeling of a distinct sense of well-being and a clear improvement in your quality of life.

Over the past ten years, I’ve received tens of thousands of positive accounts from grateful people who have taken my advice and significantly improved their quality of life.

In my very first book, Censored Health, I published the safest “recipe” for achieving these life enhancing improvements.

This proven recipe is still highly effective.

I have named it the “Ideal Formula.”

What is the Ideal Formula composed of?

  1. The Vitality Multivitamins best suited to your fitness level and workload
  2. Cal-Mag (a calcium & magnesium compound)
  3. Additional Vitamin C

Dr. Gábor Lenkei

Keep the pack protected from damp, moisture, sunshine, well-sealed, in a cool place, out of the reach of small children!