Discount System

Discount system of Dr. Lenkei Vitamin webshop

The benefits of the discount system of the Dr. Lenkei Egészségkultúra (Dr Lenkei Health Culture) webshop are only available to our registered customers. Registration in the web store thus means registration for contact.

The discount system provides the discount at the time of purchase, in the form of an immediate discount. You will only see the discounts once you have logged in after registration.

The discounts are as follows:

Dr. Gábor Lenkei’s books and lectures:

25% discount

Ideal Composition preparations, Vitality Multivitamins, C-1000 Cal-Mag Drink and the Vitamin C products:

5% discount

All other Dr. Lenkei products:

5% discount

All Biola products:

5% discount